An integrated digital management development learning platform, including: 

  • self-assessments

  • e-learning modules

  • action learning assignments

  • e-coaching

  • videos

A solution to solve your management and organisational challenges!


A solution adapted to all issues and situations


New hired managers or  when entering a new role
Make a successful, quick and sustainable onboarding




Managers facing personal or team issues
Work on areas for improvement focusing on strengths



Managers and leadership

Unlock the potential, maximize the progress


Assessmentbased programs

Tailored programs for potential development


Managers working in a context of change

Define common references, take up the challenges as a cohesive team


Strategic and cultural evolutions
Build awareness and prepare managers to embody the role in a neutral environment Digital background image with networking connection and cloud computing concept


Career paths for Talent

Organize and support key stages of skills development



Managerial training plan

Make available the essential skills


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36 modules organized in 9 work themes


INCREASE YOUR IMPACT                                                                                        PERSONAL DEVELOPEMENT
Improve your non verbal communication                                              Know your own areas of excellence
Prepare to speak in public                                                                          Identify your areas for improvement
Successfully make a public speech                                                          Develop your self-esteem
Communicate effectively with your team                                              Handle your emotion and your stress


MANAGE COMPLEX  SITUATIONS                                                                      OPTIMIZE OPERATIONNAL COMPETENCIES
Protect your employees from pressure                                                   Manage your time and priorities
Boost an employee’s motivation                                                              Conduct an effective meeting
Prevent & handle conflicts                                                                         Set and monitor objectives
Redirect an employee                                                                                Work in project mode


Anticipate and accept change                                                                 Increase your visibility and highlight your talents
Manage change                                                                                           Alert your manager
Integrate a new employee                                                                        Earn your manager’s trust
suceed in your new management position                                          Adapt to your manager’s style


PERSUADE & ENCOURAGE  AGREEMENT                                                    MOBILIZE & DEVELOP YOUR TEAM                                          
Develop activ listening skills                                                                      Identify and develop a high potential
Conduct a motivating assesment                                                            Delegate and empower
Respond to objections                                                                                Motivate an employee
Develop your power of persuasion                                                          Develop your own team dynamic
Arbitrate a conflict





Understand and implement company strategy
Make and relay a difficult decision
Manage by example
Boost your creativity




Design of the solution and the learning process



  • Customizing the platform (content/look en feel)
  • Briefing of the coaches (working conditions, company information, participant information
  • Customizing HR Dashboard

Personalized 3-month learning path

  • 3 development themes/ 1 month each
  • 3 themes x 4 E-learning modules each (in total 12 modules)
  • 3 E-coaching sessions
  • Several specific theme oriented
         –  self assessments
         – action learning assignments
  • Goals and commitments for each module
  • Personal progress dash board
  • Progress dash board for HR



  • Certified coaches
  • Multilinqual French, Spanish, English, Dutch, Portugees
  • Experienced in management
  • Supervised
  • Personal Coach Dash Board
  • Mail and planning functionalities


Our coaches

  Hanneke Mous

Adviser and mentor in the field of human, work and income for organizations and individuals
Subjects: HRM – Reintegration – Social Work – Social Security – Labor Law


  Frank Snieder

More then 25 years experienve in the field of learning and personal development and management skills.
Other roles are projectmanager, accountmanager en manager of a team of trainers.


  Jannes Huisman

More than 25 years working as an independent HR professional working at organizations in the profit (financial and business services) and not-for-profit sector (care- and police organization).
As an HR professional working with and for managers (from directors tot operational managers) at all levels of organisation in which results were to be achieved while standing (organization) changes were held.








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