PeopletoPeople Group develops e-coaching in Netherlands with PeopleCare, the e-coaching and e-learning platform for managers

PeopletoPeople Group deploys PeopleCare solution in Netherlands through a
partnership with the Dutch group Vitrum. This launch is part of the acceleration of the international deployment of the solution. Thus, these are 3 new partnerships signed in 2016, in Luxembourg, in Brazil and now in the Netherlands.

PeopleCare is already experiencing considerable success in France and has already
helped almost 1,000 managers from 20 key accounts (Carrefour, BPCE, EDF, Crédit Agricole, Pro BTP, LCL) with a consumer loyalty rate of 90%.

For Christian Pousset, President of PeopletoPeople Group, 2016 is truly a year of success. « We accelerate our global presence while strengthening our position as a national leader in the e-coaching market.  PeopleCare is more than ever the unmissable e-coaching platform in France and internationally. »